The Enasoit Collection story began with a Norwegian family's love for Africa. Born out of a spirit of adventure, their safari travels evolved into a lifelong journey of exploring Africa's wild spaces and developing and supporting community and wildlife conservation projects in East Africa.

Thirty years ago the family set down more permanent roots in Kenya and created two enchanting Kenyan retreats. Enasoit, a private wildlife reserve and luxury tented camp in the foothills of Mount Kenya, and Tusitiri Dhow, a restored traditional dhow based in the Lamu Archipelago. Both properties are available for exclusive hire.

Enasoit is the family’s wilderness home, and their history and love for Kenya is intimately felt through the camp’s charm and the attentiveness of the staff, many of whom have been part of the team for over twenty years. Enasoit is a critical wildlife corridor within Kenya’s Laikipia Highlands and through the safe-guarding and custodianship of this land, an important habitat rich in biodiversity is preserved.


Enasoit is a luxury tented camp in the wildlife rich Laikipia highlands of Kenya. The camp is an enchanting exclusive property, catering for only one group of guests at a time, and offering a uniquely private safari experience. Enasoit guests have the camp and surrounding wildlife reserve all to themselves – an ideal retreat for families and groups of friends.

As a small and intimate camp, Enasoit has unique charm. It is relaxed and welcoming, yet luxurious and beautifully appointed.

An Enasoit safari offers remarkable wildlife encounters and an array of exciting ways to experience the wilderness. One of the most distinctive features of Enasoit Camp is the extraordinary wildlife activity at the waterhole, located just in front of the main Mess Tent – the perfect viewpoint for wildlife-viewing from the comfort of an armchair.

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