Conservation is at the core of everything we do. Enasoit is a critical wildlife corridor within Kenya’s Laikipia Highlands and all proceeds from Enasoit Camp go to support the management and preservation of this key habitat.

The Laikipia Highlands extend over 9,500 sq km with ever-changing, diverse landscapes – from semi-arid plains, dramatic gorges, rocky outcrops and rolling acacia-covered hills. Laikipia is one of Kenya’s key wilderness areas, with wildlife density and biodiversity second only to that found in the Masai Mara. It is within this Laikipia landscape that some of Kenya's most effective conservation work is being done, including the preservation of a number of endangered and endemic species. As such Enasoit is also part of a critical wider conservation story which relies on the co-operation of many stakeholders.

The Enasoit wildlife corridor is a conduit within this Laikipia ecosystem, key for the free and safe movement of numerous iconic species including elephant and wild dog, which follow ancient migratory routes. By safe-guarding this special corner of Laikipia, Enasoit is together with our neighbours, ensuring space for wildlife to roam and thrive.

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